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Covering North East Wicklow, Dun Laoghaire (DL Doc) and East Doc Dublin

Charges for a GP consultation in one of our E Doc centres (including under sixes)

For private (non-medical card) patients there is a charge of €70.00 for each GP consultation.

Patients with a valid, in date, medical card are not charged for a GP consultation. When you arrive the receptionist will verify if your card is in date and on the HSE system.

For patients who are not is possession of a valid medical card a charge of €70.00 will be made.

Charges for children under six years of age

Children, who have been registered under the scheme will have been issued with a medical card number.

This number must be provided to the receptionist on arrival for an appointment. The receptionist will verify the number on the HSE computer.

Children under six, who are properly registered and have a card number will not be charged.

Children under six who are not registered on the scheme will be charged €70.00.

You can link to the HSE registration area by clicking here >>

Charges for family consultations. (More than one consultation in the same visit).

Medical Card holders
Any family member who is in possession of a valid medical card will not be charged.

Private patients
Where two members of the same family are seen at the same visit: If the first has been charged a consultation fee of €70.00, the second and subsequent family members will be charged €40.00. If one family member has a medical card and the other does not, then a fee of €70.00 will apply to the person without the medical card.

Where an urgent home visit takes place medical card holders and under six patients who are registered under the new system will not be charged. All other patients will be charged €100.00.

If you need medical advice from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday or at any time (24 Hours) during weekends please call 01 22 34 500