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Covering North East Wicklow, Dun Laoghaire (DL Doc) and East Doc Dublin

Charges for a GP consultation in one of our E Doc centres (including under sixes and new “under 8s”)

  • For private (non-medical card) patients there is a charge of €70.00 for each GP consultation.
  • Patients with a valid, in date, medical card are not charged for a GP consultation. When you arrive the receptionist will verify if your card is in date and on the HSE system.
  • For patients who are not is possession of a valid medical card a charge of €70.00 will be made.

Charges for children under 6 Yrs and under 8 Yrs.

  • Current holders of an Under 6 free GP Visit card, please note that this will remain valid until your child/ children reaches their 8th Birthday. However, you will need to register for a new under 8s GP visit card if your child turned 6Yrs. before July 1st 2023.
  • Your valid GP Visit Card must be provided to the receptionist on arrival for an appointment. The receptionist will verify the number on the HSE computer.
  • Children under Eight who are not in possession of a valid free GP Visit card will be charged €70.00.

Charges for family consultations. (More than one consultation in the same visit).

Medical Card holders
Any family member who is in possession of a valid medical card will not be charged.

Private patients
Where two members of the same family are seen at the same visit: If the first has been charged a consultation fee of €70.00, the second and subsequent family members will be charged €40.00. If one family member has a medical card and the other does not, then a fee of €70.00 will apply to the person without the medical card.

Where an urgent home visit takes place medical card holders and children with valid under six and under 8 patients who are registered under the new system will not be charged. All other patients will be charged €100.00.

If you need medical advice from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday or at any time (24 Hours) during weekends
please call 01 22 34 500